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7 Jun 2013


Foreign Tourists Reaching 8.84 Million in 4M13 and 25.4 Million Expected for 2013 (Current Issue No. 2369 Full Ed.)

The best value for money will continue to be an important factor toward luring international tourists to Thailand this year. Aside from this, foreign tourists should find it safer to travel within Thailand now due to the easing of political tensions.
Greater convenience and cheaper travel, given expansion in low-cost and/or chartered flights to many tourist destinations nationwide, will help draw more international tourists here, as well. There is also renewed cooperation between Thai private and public sector agencies toward the development of new tourism products to accommodate the changing desires of foreign tourists, along with various marketing campaigns to directly reach potential tourists abroad. These efforts should help us maintain our share of inbound foreign tourists and expand into niche tourism segments.
During 4M13, Thai tourism exhibited steady growth of 19.0 percent YoY in international tourist arrivals, led by Chinese and Russian arrivals. Russian tourist arrivals to Thailand have increased rapidly in recent years, edging out European nationals whose economies are beset with problems.

Given this, we at KResearch expect that the number of international tourist arrivals to Thailand will total 25.4 million in 2013, up13.6 percent YoY, helping generate perhaps THB1.14 trillion in tourism receipts, up 15.9 percent YoY. It is expected that the number of Chinese tourists will reach about 3.8-4.0 million this year, beating the 2.76 million reported for 2012. They are expected to spend around THB147-155 billion here. The number of Russian tourists will likely grow 19.1 percent YoY to about 1.56 million arrivals, helping to generate approximately THB104 billion, up 22.6 percent YoY in tourism income for Thailand.

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