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31 Jul 2014


Mother’s Day 2014: Bangkok Residents Take Short Trips – Spending THB960 Million (Current Issue No. 2524)

In Thai culture, it is typically accepted that offspring should take care of their elderly parents. Recognizing this value, young Thais normally arrange various activities for their moms on Mother's Day. Such activities may come in various forms, depending on the financial means of each family.
A qualitative survey conducted by KResearch, using a sampling group of Bangkok residents from all occupational and age groups shows that 78 percent of the respondents intend to engage in activities with their mothers during the upcoming Mother's Day long weekend holiday, e.g., dining out or having parties at homes, giving flower garlands/bouquets/gifts, traveling upcountry, shopping, merit-making, staying at home or visiting moms if they live separately. A majority of those respondents plans to engage in more than one activity, e.g., dining and merit-making at pilgrimage venues while traveling or at their holiday destinations. However, many respondents intend to spend Mother's Day in Bangkok, with plans to give flower garlands, dine out and/or shop with their moms.
We at KResearch have assessed that the number of Bangkok residents planning to travel upcountry during the four-day Mother's Day holiday this year will increase 10.3 percent YoY after August 11 has been officially added to the list of public holidays.

However, we expect that many Bangkok residents may alter their plans by taking their moms and other members of the families on day-trips or overnight stays upcountry, given current economic conditions. As a result, Bangkokians will likely spend around THB960 billion, up 9.7 percent YoY. Most spending will likely go to F&B, at around THB210 million, followed by accommodation at hotels/resorts at THB200 million, and local products as gifts/souvenirs at THB190 million.