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12 Sep 2014


More Chinese Tourists Expected to Visit Thailand in 4Q14 (Current Issue No. 2537 Full Ed.)

The number of Chinese tourist arrivals to Thailand has fallen steadily since 4Q13, especially during 2Q14 when that number declined 29.1 percent due somewhat to the imposition of martial law, accompanied by a nationwide curfew on May 20, 2014 that resulted in a 41.1 percent contraction in June. However, our overall inbound tourist market began to pick up in July after the nationwide curfew was lifted on June 10.
Meanwhile, factors that should help attract more Chinese visitors over the remainder of 2014 would include a more stable political setting here, plus China's 10-day long National Day holiday (October 1-10 of every year), the 2015 New Year and cooperation between relevant Thai public and private sector agencies toward accelerating promotional campaigns during the period. Such efforts include visa fee exemptions for Chinese and Taiwanese tourists (August 9-November 8, 2014) and marketing activities to attract more Chinese visitors from major cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Kunming.
We at KResearch have assessed that the number of Chinese tourist arrivals to Thailand in 2014 may reach at least 4.1 million or so, down 11.6 percent YoY, helping generate THB160 billion, down 15.3 percent YoY for our travel-related businesses.

Thus, close attention must be paid to factors that may further undermine international tourist arrivals. Among them include international conflicts that could directly hurt key trade partners of China and indirectly dampen travel/holiday spending. Other factors would include global energy prices (driven by the above conflicts) and the Ebola outbreak.

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