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Industry Outlook Analysis

6 Sep 2021

Real Estate and Construction

Residential Property Market Projected to be Highly Fragile during the Remainder of 2021 (Current Issue No.3262)

Most residential property developers have postponed the opening of their new projects since the beginning of 2021 due to unfavorable market conditions and the high level of unsold residential units. They have also adjusted their business strategies in line with market conditions. According to the Ag... Read more

5 Jul 2021

Real Estate and Construction

2021 Construction Investment Projected to Shrink Roughly 3.8% due to a One-Month Ban on Construction Activity (Current Issue No.3238)

The protracted COVID-19 pandemic and rising number of daily infections has prompted the Thai government to impose a partial lockdown. This measure includes a ban on construction activity at large projects for at least one month, effective June 28 – July 28, 2021, ... Read more

1 Jun 2021

Real Estate and Construction

Home Purchases in Bangkok Metropolitan Area Projected to Contract for Third Consecutive Year during 2021 (Current Issue No.3228)

It is expected that home purchases in the Bangkok Metropolitan area during 2H21 will improve over a sharp plunge reported for 1H21 if the COVID-19 pandemic can be contained by July, and if vaccination rollouts are on track, and there are new economic stimulus measures introduced by the government. H... Read more

25 Mar 2021

Real Estate and Construction

Sales of construction materials stores to grow by 0.2%-1.9% in 2021, boosted by public construction spending (Current Issue No.3201)

KResearch projects that sales of construction materials stores may improve slightly from the previous year, by approximately 0.2-1.9 percent in 2021, or an estimated market value of THB 803-817 billion. These figures are predominantly supported by the Thai government’s continuous investment in const... Read more

27 Jan 2021

Real Estate and Construction

Extension of Transfer and Mortgage Fee Reductions for Residential Properties: Good News for Property Market Amid Numerous Risks in 2021 (Current Issue No.3183)

The residential property market has been facing a challenge once again since the beginning of 2021 due to the resurgence of COVID-19. In 2020, it was adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as evidenced by substantial contractions in the residential property business indicators.... Read more

9 Dec 2020

Real Estate and Construction

Construction Costs, 2021: Accelerating Amid Volatile Iron Prices, Labor Shortages and COVID-19 (Current Issue No.3168)

The construction industry has experienced a sudden spike in costs at construction sites due to operational adjustments to cope with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Such costs include transportation, accommodation and personal protective equipment for workers. KResearch is of the view that COVID... Read more

20 Nov 2020

Real Estate and Construction

Housing market in 2021 past its trough, yet rife with challenges (Current Issue No.3163)

In the final stretch of 2020, the Thai housing market has started to receive some good news with regard to progress in the development of COVID-19 vaccines, and Thailand’s better-than-expected economic performance in 3Q20., based on data provided by the Office of the National Economic and... Read more

30 Oct 2020

Real Estate and Construction

Precast construction: The solution to current and future industry challenges (Current Issue No.3155)

The construction industry is set to face monumental changes in the near future. Given recent labor shortages, Thai construction business, which is labor-intensive, may need to consider an alternative approach that requires less manual labor through a greater reliance upon new construction technology... Read more