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23 Dec 2021


Metaverse: Applications in the manufacturing industry to increase supply chain efficiency (Current Issue No.3294)


    In recent times, the concept of the ‘metaverse’ has been attracting more attention worldwide. Operators planning to utilize the metaverse in their businesses are primarily focused on seeking new forms of business opportunities in the consumer market, whether it is a new retail sales channel that creates a virtual experience of selecting purchases or a new form of tourism via virtual reality. Nonetheless, the metaverse technology could potentially be applied to the organizational market, particularly the manufacturing industry, in order to enhance supply chain management from product design and procurement to production and warehouse management.
    The application of the metaverse in the manufacturing industry is still at an early phase, and will tend to become more intricate as technology develops in the forthcoming period. Some examples of potential applications at present include increased flexibility in product design through 3D prototype, conveyor belt management via a virtual factory, and conveyor belt training for new employees in a virtual reality environment. That said, operators may need to gradually invest in the metaverse for specific areas deemed worthwhile to their own operations, in order to reduce risks that could affect the supply chain as a whole if businesses were to invest in all areas simultaneously. At the same time, investment amounts should be kept at a manageable level.