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21 Sep 2018

Thai Economy

2018 Kin Jae festival is expected to generate THB4.65 billion in BKK with healthy diet being the main reason to attract customers (Current Issue No.2927)


​           Kin Jae (vegetarian) is one of the main festivals that food and beverages suppliers and distributors, including fine restaurants, street food vendors, convenience stores and online operators, have paid attention as this annual event is one of the best periods to boost their sales and expand their customer base. KResearch's survey on consumer behavior during Kin Jae festival finds that most Bangkok residents are interested in consuming vegetarian food, especially the working population (aged 25 and over).  These customers said they want to purify their minds/refrain from consuming meat, while some are already regular consumers of Jae/vegetarian food.

           KResearch forecasts that Bangkok residents will spend over THB4.65 billion during the Kin Jae Festival, growing 3.3 percent YoY. This represents an expenditure of about THB315/person/day. Expected higher spending on Jae foods is attributed to more expensive vegetarian food and beverage prices and the fact that more consumers are planning to eat  Jae foods this year.  The main channels for purchasing vegetarian food and beverages are restaurants because it is convenient and easy for consumers, fitting the fast-paced Bangkokian lifestyle. In addition, consumer concerns over toxic contamination in meat and diseases associated with meat consumption have provided an opportunity for food and beverage businesses to market their products, as reflected by the survey findings, which show that more than 59 percent of the sampled groups are interested to eat vegetarian food more frequently in response to the health conscious trend and to reduce the likelihood of illness.

            In spite of the growing interest in Jae foods, many consumers, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, still have concerns over the lack of every essential nutrient, and the fact that vegetarian foods can result in malnutrition, especially protein deficiency. Additionally, since Jae dishes tend to be oily and greasy, consumers are concerned that Jae foods may not be healthy. Therefore, KResearch recommends that the operators spice up their menus by highlighting the complete nutrition and health benefits that their foods can offer.  They should also pay attention to flavors and culinary innovations to delight the customers with their mouth-watering recipe and ingredients and ease the consumers' worries over inadequate nutrition. This should encourage New KR Logo_แนวนอนcustomers to eat more vegetarian foods this year and in the future.​