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11 Jan 2023


Chinese tourists projected to reach 4.65 million, driving rise in foreign tourist arrivals to 25.5 million in 2023 (Current Issue No.3380)


        The Chinese authorities’ relaxation of quarantine rules for inbound travellers, cancellation of limited number of passengers on international flights from January 8, 2023, and resumption of the application and renewal of passports for Chinese residents, would benefit Thailand's tourism industry. As evidenced, following this easing, lots of Chinese people are interested in searching for Thailand travel information.

        KResearch projects that the number of Chinese travellers visiting Thailand in 2023 may reach 4.65 million, or approximately 42 percent of Chinese arrivals in 2019. A major return of Chinese tourists will become evident in the second quarter and even more apparent during the second half of this year. This is driven by the resumption of flight routes and frequencies, promotional campaigns introduced by travel agencies and the growing number of tourism operators. In particular, if Thailand is selected as one of the pilot countries for the revitalization of large tour groups, the number of Chinese visitors may leap forward from the first half of the year. This is because Chinese people will now be able to enjoy their seasonal tourism periods – summer semester break (July-August of every year) and China’s National Day holidays (October 1-7 of every year). Looking ahead, attention must be paid to measures on Chinese visitors as imposed by other countries including South Korea, Japan, European countries, etc. If the situation does not change much from the present, while long-distance travel requires greater budgets, it is more likely that Chinese people seeking travel will choose Thailand as their destination. Meanwhile, Chinese tourists’ spending may be around THB 1.86 billion, or 36 percent of the amount generated in 2019.

        Based on our forecast of a resurgence in the Chinese market that has come sooner than expected, KResearch thus revises its projection for foreign tourists visiting Thailand in 2023 to 25.5 million (a range of 24-26 million tourists), which will generate revenue of about THB 1.07 trillion for tourism and related businesses.

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