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12 Oct 2018


In spite of positive factors of inbound tourism in 4Q18, Thai tourism industry braces for more challenges ahead (Current Issue No.2933)


           KResearch views that after the growth of inbound tourism in 3Q18 registered the lowest rate of the year, Thailand's inbound tourism market should pick up in 4Q18 with approximately 9.56 million international travelers expected to visit Thailand, up 3.0 per cent YoY. This is because the last quarter is the holiday season in Thailand. In addition, Thai tourism is bolstered by international events hosted by Thailand during this time of the year. Additionally, Thailand's key markets such as Russian and Chinese tourists are likely to improve when compared to sluggish activity in 3Q18.

            Thanks to such an environment, KResearch forecasts that the total international travelers to Thailand for the entire 2018 should reach 37.99 million, up 6.7 percent from 2017. Tourist receipts from international holidaymakers in Thailand are set to hit THB2 trillion, up 9.2 percent YoY.

            Nonetheless, KResearch views that the Thai tourism industry will likely face fiercer competition with other countries in attracting international travelers to the country, especially for Chinese holidaymakers.  At the same time, the overall global economic environment has become less conducive for marketing campaigns to lure inbound tourists.  Every sector of society must promote the hospitality management to ensure foreign visitors will receive an enjoyable experience in Thailand while maintaining the ecological balance of natural resources at tourist hotspots and boosting tourists' confidence in safety in Thailand. ​