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22 Oct 2019


4Q19: Bangkokians are travelling inside the country more… tourism receipts expected to hit 60 billion Baht (Current Issue No.3043)


  • During October-December 2019, 76.9 percent of people living in Bangkok have planned to travel, up slightly from the survey in the same period last year;  22.2 percent of the sampled group said the government's tourism stimulus measures (in October-November 2019) affect their decisions to travel.
  • The Northern provinces, especially Chiang Mai and Phetchabun, remain the popular destinations of Bangkokians in 4Q19. Nonetheless, the Bangkok populace has also diversified their destinations to other places.
  • Most of the sampled group said that online digital media has influenced their decisions to choose their destinations, accommodations and other hospital services. In particularly, they collected views from the web pages of popular micro influencers, who review tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and shops at the tourist destinations. These websites have many followers, who like to share and exchange their travel experiences. 
  • KResearch views that in the final three months of 2019, domestic travel of the Bangkok populace should generate 60 billion Baht in tourist receipts. The business operators should capitalize on the government's tourism stimulus measures to accelerate the marketing campaigns during this period. For the whole of 2019, domestic travel by Bangkokians is expected to generate 227.3 billion Baht in revenue, up 2.6 percent from 2018.​​

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